FLASH SALE! We accidentally over baked and this batch is reaching its limit for room temp freshness so we can’t use it for current orders. Get yours for $8/bag and refrigerate or freeze upon arrival!

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Who is eligible for the Lolli's Cookie Clusters Influencer Program?

Prospective affiliates with a minimum of 5,000 authentic Instagram followers can apply to join our influencer program.

If you have fewer than 5,000 followers on Instagram, but equivalent on other platforms, please email Jenny for consideration.

How does the Influencer Program work?

As a Lolli's Influencer, you'll receive a unique discount code that will give your followers a discount of 10% off of their total purchase of Lolli's Cookie Clusters.

You will earn a percentage of commission with each sale you refer to the Lolli's website, which will be based initially on the size of your following, and has the potential to increase based on the amount of sales you refer to Lolli's.

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