ORDER PROCESSING/SHIPPING UPDATE: As announced, we are nearing the end of business and have reduced our prices as part of our Going Out of Business Sale. Because we are operating with minimum staff at this point, our order processing timelines may be delayed. The LAST DAY TO ORDER is January 31st, then we will continue to fulfill ALL orders, but we are not able to promise a specific shipping timeline at this point. Please contact us at customerservice@lollisclusters.com with any questions and we are happy to help! We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. We love you all and thank you for your support! Our Cookie Clusters remain fresh for 3 months refrigerated and 6 months frozen so stock up while you can! Thank you for your interest, however we will NOT be giving away or selling our proprietary recipes. Thank you!


Q : Hooray! I’ve placed my order, how long until I receive my Lolli’s Cookie Clusters?
A : When you place an order it is processed, baked with care and packaged, which can take up to 7-14 days. Especially when we run a price break special.
We know you are eager to receive your orders and therefore we ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days). 

Q : Will I receive a shipping confirmation?
A : Yes! You will receive an email that contains tracking information. This will be your ONLY shipping notification so please save it to check back on tracking in 24-48 hours after receiving that email, as it should update and show an estimated delivery date for arrival at your door and you can enjoy your cookie clusters as soon as possible!

Q : Can I cancel my order? 
A : We bake all of our products fresh when ordered. You must cancel your order within 24 hours of it being submitted so we are not wasting products, as we do not have a storage facility. Please be sure of your purchase before checking out.

Q : When will my order ship? 
A : Please refer to details regarding our standard order processing timeline above. Orders ship within 7-14 days from placing the order.

Q : Why do you charge so much for shipping? 
A : We have no control over shipping charges. USPS sets shipping fees according to weight and distance. We do not profit from shipping charges at all.

Q : Do you offer any shipping discounts?
A : Yes we do! Within the continental United States, we offer FREE shipping when you order $60 or more of products!  (Due to increased expenses, this is the only shipping discount we can continue to offer at this time).

Q : I checked my order link from my order confirmation email and it shows my shipping label has been pre-printed. Does this mean my order shipped? 
A : No, we pre-print shipping labels while our cookie clusters are being baked fresh and packaged by hand so the we are prepared to ship products to you as soon as they are ready, to maintain optimal freshness.

Q : Will I be notified when my order ships? 
A : Yes. In addition to the order confirmation email you received when you ordered, you will also receive a shipping notification email with a link to tracking information the day before or the day of shipping. Sometimes these emails may go to your spam folder.

Q : Do you ship internationally? 
A : Yes, but we are not liable for any customs charges once an order arrives in your country and we are not able to honor shipping specials or promotions for international customers unless otherwise noted.

Q : Why do I only get USPS Priority Mail as a shipping option? 
A : Our products contain zero preservatives and we need to get them to our customers as quickly as possible in order to maintain freshness. USPS Priority Mail generally takes 1-4 business days.

Q : I've checked my tracking link, but there is no update. Does this mean you didn't really ship my order? 
A : No, sometimes USPS can be slow to update tracking information, and we even have some customers receive their order before tracking shows any movement.

Q : What happens if my order was returned to you by the post office? 
A : We print shipping labels directly from the order you submit. If your order is returned to us due to an address error, we will notify you and if you want us to resend your package we will email a shipping invoice to you to cover shipping costs. 

Q : What happens if the post office does not deliver my order properly? 
A : Unfortunately, we do not have control over your package once it leaves our kitchen. Sometimes problems might come up with proper delivery from the post office and you may not receive your package. If this happens please contact us. 
- If the status shows delivered please contact your local USPS as we do not have control of their service.

Occasionally the mail carrier will accidentally mark a package as delivered when it hasn't been, and then it will sometimes be delivered within a couple of days. The only way to know for sure is to contact them. As a small business, we are not able to reimburse, refund, or re-ship orders due to errors made by the post office. When tracking shows delivered, it is our only proof of receipt. 

  • If your order has not been delivered more than 7 days after the shipping date, and tracking shows it's still in pre-shipment, we will re-ship the order at our expense.

  • If your order has not been delivered more than 7 days after the shipping date, and tracking shows it's in transit we will file a claim with the post office and will keep you updated with the resolution from that. Unfortunately, as a very small business, we have to hold the post office accountable for their services. We cannot take on the cost of automatically replacing all orders. We do not profit in any way from shipping charges, and in order to keep our prices the same and offer discounts, we cannot take on the cost of correcting the post office's mistakes.   

Q: How should I store Lolli's Cookie Clusters and how long will they keep?A: Because we use ZERO PRESERVATIVES, refrigerate for optimal freshness up to 3 months, or freeze for up to 6 months.