Lolli’s Cookie Clusters FALL BREAK SALE! $10.00/bag and $5 shipping when you order 2 or more (within the continental U.S.) now through Sunday, 9/19 at 11:59 pm EDT or until we reach maximum baking capacity

About Lolli's Cookie Clusters

In my journey to find the best keto and low carb friendly snacks on the market, I just kept coming up short. I wanted something sweet and versatile; something I could eat as a snack or as a granola for breakfast. With no luck at the store, I decided to hit the kitchen and make it myself!

Meet Sherry,
Founder & Maker of Lolli's

Wife, mama to two beautiful girls, and grandma "Lolli" to sweet baby girl James.

Best part of my job? Being a part of an amazing community and encouraging others in their Keto and Low-Carb journey!