Q : Hooray I’ve made my order, how long until I receive my Lolli’s Cookie Clusters?

A : When you place an order it is processed, baked with care and packaged, which can take up to 7-14 days.  Especially when we run a price break special.
We know you are eager to receive your orders and therefore we ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days). 

Q : Will I receive a shipping confirmation?

A : Yes! You will receive an email that contains tracking information. This will be your ONLY shipping notification so please save it to check back on tracking in 24-48 hours after receiving that email, as it should update and show an estimated delivery date for arrival at your door and you can enjoy your cookie clusters as soon as possible! 


Q : How long do my Lolli’s Cookie Clusters stay fresh?

A : Because our cookie clusters do not contain any ingredients such as preservatives or additives, please store it in the refrigerator or freezer once it is opened. Once opened, shelf life is 2 weeks, refrigerator is 3 months, and you can extend it to six months in the freezer.  

Q : Are there any allergens in Lolli’s Cookie Clusters?

A : Yes, all contain egg and are produced in the a facility with peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy. Both our 

Q : Are Lolli’s Cookie Clusters gluten free?

A : Yes! Although we are not certified gluten free, all of Lolli’s Cookie Clusters are made without gluten and are low-carb and ketogenic diet friendly!

Q : I am diabetic, can I eat Lolli’s Cookie Clusters?

A : Yes, we have strived to make all of our product diabetic friendly so you can eat with confidence. 

Q : Do you work with a nutritionist on your recipes?

A : Yes, we sure do! Liz Schoch, a Michigan State alum with a bachelor’s in dietetics, tests, measures and calculates all of our recipes. 

Q : Who makes Lolli’s Cookie Clusters?

A : We do, the old fashioned way! All 11 of our staff are hands on in the kitchen. Each bag is lovingly baked, bagged, labeled, and shipped to your door. 

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At Lolli's Cookie Clusters we work very hard to bring you the freshest product as quickly as possible.  
Our cookie clusters are made-to-order to bring you the best quality product.  

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Each package of Lolli's cookie clusters are handmade to order and will ship 7-14 days after purchase. Read more here.