In my journey to find the best keto and low carb friendly snacks on the market, I just kept coming up short. I wanted something sweet and versatile; something I could eat as a snack or as a granola for breakfast. With no luck at the store, I decided to hit the kitchen and make it myself! 

Lolli's Cookie Clusters

was born in my kitchen as a hobby and just out of a simple need for something delicious! Now we are a close knit team of 11 hard working folks turning out some of the tastiest diet and allergy friendly products for you! 

Meet   the  team!

quality over quantity. 

We're about

founder & maker


Wife, mama to two beautiful girls, and Lolli to sweet baby girl James. Best part of my job? Being apart of an amazing community and encouraging others in their Keto and Low-Carb journey.





Morgan, one of Lolli's daughters, started in January 2018 as a baker. She is an all around adrenaline lover and creative who passes time making art and writing.


Fave flavor: Gingerbread


Lauren, one of Lolli's daughters, started in May 2019 as a baker. She's a mama to sweet baby James and also a world traveler having visited 11 countries. 

Fave flavor: original

warehouse manager

Jared started in January 2019 and manages the day to day in our warehouse. He loves Magic & the Gathering and high on his bucket list is to make it to outerspace.

Fave flavor: Gingerbread

brand manager

Jenny has been with Lolli's almost since the start, August 2018. She is work-from-home mom of three year old twins. When she is not working you can find her knitting or crotcheting gifts for her family and friends. 

fave flavor: peanut butter macadamia

office manager

Cindy has been our office manager since October 2018. She has island dreams of taking a trip to Hawaii, but while she's stateside you can find her enjoying her favorite food, Mexican.

Fave flavor: Peanut butter macadamia

Jessica has been with us since March 2019. She's got a love for country cooking, hunting, and fishing, but one day she'll jet set for Europe.

Fave flavor: all of them!

Inventory Manager

Tonya has worked with Lolli's since April 2019. When she not working you can find her enjoying her favorite food, Mexican, and dreaming of her bucket list trip to Ireland.

Fave Flavor:
Cinnamon Pecan




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