ORDER PROCESSING/SHIPPING UPDATE: As announced, we are nearing the end of business and have reduced our prices as part of our Going Out of Business Sale. Because we are operating with minimum staff at this point, our order processing timelines may be delayed. The LAST DAY TO ORDER is January 31st, then we will continue to fulfill ALL orders, but we are not able to promise a specific shipping timeline at this point. Please contact us at customerservice@lollisclusters.com with any questions and we are happy to help! We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. We love you all and thank you for your support! Our Cookie Clusters remain fresh for 3 months refrigerated and 6 months frozen so stock up while you can! Thank you for your interest, however we will NOT be giving away or selling our proprietary recipes. Thank you!

Low Carb & Keto-Friendly

Our Cookie Clusters are made with an all-natural Stevia and erythritol blend and offer a perfect macro ratio. Most of our flavors measuring only 2g net carbs/serving!

No Preservatives

Each bag of Cookie Clusters lasts in the freezer for up to six months... but that's only if no one else eats them.

Pro tip: we recommend hiding unopened Cookie clusters under the frozen broccoli!!


Each and every one of our flavors of Cookie Clusters are gluten-free but you'd never know that from the way they taste!!

Made To Order

We bake-to-order (with love!) in our PREP-certified commercial kitchen in Loganville, Georgia.

When you place your order, we'll bake your Cookie Clusters and made your Nut Butters fresh for you and ship them directly to your door.

The Bake Shop


Peanut Butter Macadamia


Cinnamon Pecan


Meet Sherry, our "Lolli"

"I started baking Lolli's in my kitchen for friends and family who were following a low carb lifestyle but wanted something sweet like a cereal or granola. Eventually, the recipe evolved into our well-loved Cookie Clusters.

Today, we employ a team of our own bakers who make Cookie Clusters from scratch in our PREP-certified commercial kitchen so we can ship it to your home."

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